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Our sizing is on the generous size and we work on a 1 to 6 size range, rather than small, medium, large and extra large.................and every style is cut for a plus sized pregnant women, allowing for a bit more room in the bust and a longer line to cover the belly.

The size chart below will help you work out the perfect fit for you.



Size: 1
Bust 105-110cm
Waist 85-95cm
Hip 110-120cm

Size: 2
Bust 115-125cm
Waist 100-105cm
Hip 120-130cm

Size: 3
Bust 125-135cm
Waist 110-115cm
Hip 130-140cm

Size: 4
Bust 140-150cm
Waist 115-120cm
Hip 140-150cm

Size: 5
Bust 150-160cm
Waist 120-125cm
Hip 150-160cm

Size: 6
Bust 160-170cm
Waist 125-130cm
Hip 160-170cm

All our pants are over the belly in style, we have found works best for plus sized mums-to-be.

All of our fabrics have a percentage of stretch within them for a comfy fit.

To make sure you get the best fit for your clothes you need to confirm your bust & hip measurements:



Bust - Lift your arms up your sides and measure around your body, crossing over the fullest part of your bust.


Hips - Stand with your heels together and measure around the widest part of your hips, regardless of your stage of pregnancy.

Measuring Tips

  • Keep the tape firm, but not tight

  • Measure over under garments

  • Ask someone to measure you

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